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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Spring Break + Other Activities + Fashion Rants: Popteen becoming the catalyst for the Death of Gyaru and 109

I probably should finally do a blog post after forever huh?

Not much has gone on in the past month admittedly. It's my senior year of university though I graduate in the fall semester so I have one more round of this. But's been pretty busy. I've been up and at it with midterms and whatnot and I'm taking my senior thesis this semester so you can only imagine what that's looking like yeah? 

Anyway, I was permitted a bit of a spring break. I wish I could have done more but honestly, I did quite a bit behind the scenes! On the first day of my spring break, I ended up working on my hair and touching it up. I haven't done anything to it since January so it was much needed. I cut and re-bleached the top of it. I didn't do the ends because I was scared of accidentally giving myself a chemical cut or some shit.

 The second day I spent the time cleaning my room which had turned into a disaster zone since I had gotten swamped with work.

However, by Tuesday, I was finally permitted to have some fun. I haven't had fun with someone else in such a long time... Typically friends stop by for a short while in my neighborhood but my friend Ichigo had decided to spend the entire day with me. I was so grateful. We even left my neighborhood for a boba adventure!!

We decided to dress up pretty crazily. At first, I thought I was going to go as dark as them but I wanted blue hair for that and it's hard to get blue hair to fade and I gotta commit to some Liz Lisa/Himekaji looks before doing that because blue hair and himekaji is too much of a clash. So Liz Lisa it was. Ichigo looked freaking ama
zing in Sex Pot Revenge. Lately, I've been helping them re-define their personal style and I feel like a proud parent watching their child thrive. The whole dark v-kei aesthetic really suits them but they have popped their head into gyaru (they have no interest in joining the comm and I honestly do not blame them, no offense guys. Some of it is just too crazy sometimes and they wanna just enjoy it on their downtime without that type of commitment) with some himekaji stuff and dude they serve it every single flipping time. 

I love how the *one day* that doing my makeup fucking counts for something, it decides to fuck up entirely and I have to start over. This isn't the first time that's happened to me but I always get irritated when my makeup decides to fuck up on a day where it's supposed to matter. I hate it, even more, when I have to start over. Do you guys ever have those days where you're trying to fix foundation lifting or your eyeliner bled a little too much but the more you try to fix or bullshit your way through it-the worse you're making it? That was me. 

Originally I really wanted to mess with color for himekaji. I wanted to do a very pastel-y spring look with a gold/orange eyelid.... But once I paired a blush color with it and my eyeliner had looked for v-kei or even dare I say-clown-like than it did himekaji. I had actually never hated a makeup look more than I hated that one. Holy fuck. 

I was really grateful that Ichigo was super understanding and allowed me to start over for a bit. ;_; I'm grateful my makeup was fine on round two. 

Honestly, it's been a while since I've done himekaji all out. It's probably been about a year or so...  I think I was feeling over-ambitious by playing with color and I had to unlearn some stuff. Himekaji is a lot simpler and ya girl is just a complicated bitch. So instead for round two, I stuck to neutrals with a navy blue edge that is sadly kind of hard to see but I promise you it's there. For lashes I used some off brand tops that a lot of people like on me (they're not my HG Japanese tops since those don't exist anymore sadly) and my HG bottom lashes that I'll fight a bitch over because those are dead too and I swear by them because they make my eyes look huge with the Princess Mimi contacts.

I feel like I need to buy different circle lenses just to change stuff up but I'm kind of trying to wait until I can get another eye exam. I'd feel stupid splurging on lenses knowing my eye pointage is about to change soon-thus making my previous contacts useless. 

For cheeks and lips, I used FlowerKnows products in reddish/orange colors. I feel like it's kind of un-gyaru but I was basing upon the colors of the dress. The thing about the Liz Lisa dress I was using is that it had a lot of red and orange accents in it that I wanted to bring out. The dress almost has a lolita-like feel to it with the ribbons intertwined with lace at the bottom and the princess neckline. 

I felt a little out of place in it despite this being one of my favorite dresses and the most comfortable that I own from the brand. I have come to the conclusion that my age is catching up to me and the older I get, the harder it is to pull cute stuff off. It makes me kind of sad but it's been bound to happen. I'll still do what makes me happy regardless until I just can't anymore. 

My hair was really simple. I think the bangs would have been cuter in a middle part but little does anyone know that a part of my root on an unbleached part of hair got bleached and so..I am hiding it. lmao. I didn't have enough bleach to bleach the whole strand so it is what it is. We're rocking a side part for a little bit and to be fair, I usually do that anyway. -shrugs- I have one more himekaji look I wanna do before throwing blue in...

Ichigo and I derped around and took some pictures after our boba run in the next town over. They saw the secrets to my cat-fishing. ahaha.. Honestly, our pictures turned out pretty cool. Very the opposite aesthetics looking. Like the real-life Momoko and Ichiko from the movie Shimotsuma Monogatari. lmao. Which is pretty legit because I really do live an hour and a half away from Baby the Stars Shine Bright in San Francisco via a train ride and I live in the fields with the cows. I also dress cute but am secretly brash... I don't particularly do lolita but man do I relate to Momoko feeling like a fish out of water... You're trying to be the best version of yourself in not the best of circumstances because you want to strive to make that version of yourself a total reality in better circumstances. I don't know if that makes any sense but it certainly is quite isolating because it will make you a loner. 

Anyway, Ichigo had mainly come over because we had done a couple of really crazy Harajuku/Shibuya clothing and accessory hauls. I had sent them over to their house since of them were group orders, so I was getting a month or two's worth of shit coming to me all at once. 

It's been a very long time since I delved into the realm of Harajuku fashion. Like I said, I'm not doing lolita but I certainly bought a lot of old gems from Sex Pot Revenge, h.Naoto, and BPN/Peace Now. Lately, I've been wanting to experiment not only with rokku but maybe some androgynous looks as well? I've always styled up other people in visual kei things but had never truly indulged in it myself properly. 

I certainly bought some rokku things from Glad News and Tutuha in my haul as well which are definitely sleek and feminine but the amount of SPR is insane and surreal finally owning it after watching other people own it (and helping others style it) for so long. Same goes with h.Naoto wear but I'm more picky with what I want from that brand. I like a lot of moons, butterflies, and sparkling pieces rather than distressed stuff or whatever. 

Here's a bag I bought from the haul. I forgot the name of the brand but this is such a badass fucking handbag. I love the metal hardware and the lock. It's suuuper androgynous. I can see a bandman or a host carrying this bitch around but I can also see a bangya babe sporting this shit. I've never owned a bag with black leather and silver hardware. Usually, I get stuck with gold hardware (because agejo) but I actually prefer silver anything including jewelry!!  The leather is super nice on this and is probably one of my nicest bags other than my dying Samantha Vega bag (because I carry that one out too much). 

I did film a haul video but I didn't like how it turned out so guess who gets to refilm it? This bitch. It's became such a massive hoard of things that might have to film it in two parts. Like forreal, I've bought so much shit that is doesn't all fit in my closet. I gotta rearrange some shit or just...figure out a different storage method. Cute shit and then dark shit because that's basically been the theme of my hauls. You know how it be with me. LOL. I dress according to mood and I never really stick to one aesthetic. It's really fun that way though because nobody knows what to expect from me when I show up. 

I've bought so much old-school boho Liz Lisa shit that I deadass had to buy new shoes to fit the whole vibe. I found some really cute cowgirl boots that fit me well. My legs are pretty big and swollen (I really don't know what's wrong with me health-wise. :( I've cut soda, I've been eating's either water retention or hormones and I can't wait until I have a stable job to have proper insurance to figure out what actually is going on with me that's making me gain weight so awfully) I'm really glad these boots fit me fine. I love the little ribbon laces, the eyelet details in the leather, and bow attachments around the ankle. I loved them so much in design that I got them both in brown and white because I have a lot of dresses in that colorscheme. 

Other than Liz Lisa I've also bought my first Jesus Diamante clothing items. I owned a pair of heels before but I actually have never bought clothing pieces. I'm afraid that currently, they won't fit sadly. I really want this one really royal looking empire dress in the black colorway but I always find it in a size 38 and I definitely need a size 42. I bought a couple boleros and cardigans and I'm so happy they fit me just fine even at a size 38. I can't button them worth a shit thanks to my boobs but they fit around my arms and don't ride up my back/my shoulders are fine. I think once I get my health in order, I'll invest in a little bit more of Diamante as a brand because it's super ladylike and I love pretty things like that. 

I don't know if I'd even fully go all out in Himegyaru but I'd like to try it properly one day. 

Ichigo also really got me into darker shit and I finally felt validated enough to kind of indulged in my teenaged closeted admiration for visual kei. I'm not really a crazy person when it comes to bands anymore. That was more of the shit in my youth. I mainly just follow Lezard, Acme, and the Gazette now and other J-Rock shit that isn't v-kei. But I've always liked the fashion associated with it. I really want to pull off some really androgynous looks now that I have androg clothes. I've always loved Sex Pot Revenge but it was always so fucking expensive to buy.... Now that I have it though, it's so friggin comfortable wtf. 

I also keep putting off doing a look because a part of me wants to do dark shit but I wanna dye my hair blue and once I do that, my hair will be blue for a while. It takes forever to fade but there's a himekaji look I also wanna do but I want full outfit pics because I have some stuff from Mayu's brand that I want to properly showcase and it's just a matter of pestering someone to take pics for me. Ughh. 

So yeah, I guess my issue lately has been that my aesthetics and plans for content are clashing because I know once I go dark I'll have to obligate myself for a bit since my hair will be colored and it just doesn't work well with himekaji. LOL. I need to color my hair soon tho because my roots are gonna grow out. x_x 

Ichigo and I ended up hanging out and talked while making Korean BBQ. I swear we had so much bulgogi that we just...don't want KBBQ for a while. I got us both BBQ Pork and bulgogi. I overestimated how much we could throw down. I think the banchan made us get full quickly. I did not only have just meat but I also had daikon kimchi, Hokkaido sweet potatoes, and japchae dumpings for banchan. I didn't include rice because I knew that would fill us up super fast. 

For dessert, I got us some sanshoku dango. I feel like our meal was a combination of both Korean and Japanese food. Both of which are my favorites. 

It's so funny that I've eating so much Asian cuisine before I move to Japan. I feel like I need to really get my fill of American food before it's harder to get but I don't know...American food mostly makes me feel like shit and Japanese and Korean food makes me feel less shitty? I don't know how to explain it. Other than when I do KBBQ, the portions are reasonable and I feel like a lot of food groups are I have a lot of pickled things or nori..or konjac..etc. etc. I feel like I eat healthier? 

Before Ichigo left, they sweetly supplied me with some Daiso goodies. They live near a Daiso while I live a couple cities over from it (and I don't drive so...). I was suuuuper thankful. I had only requested a pack of cotton pads and a pack of make up remover wipes but Ichigo probably had stocked me up until I leave the US. LOL. Also I've never tried the Poppin' Cooking things before and I want to wait to do them until I can do them properly on camera. 

Anyway, I vlogged a little bit of my spring break with Ichigo as seen here: 

I vlogged in a way that's popular overseas. Currently, I am a huge fan of Anchanland on YouTube. She's a bangya vlogger but I really love her style of editing. Plus, she not only goes to concerts (giving me insight on what the scene is like there) but also showcases a lot of hair salons and cafes that look interesting. As someone who is a non-partier, I love concerts and cafe hopping the most. That's more of my pace so I really love that someone who is into current things is vlogging. The vlog that caught my eye was the one she did wearing old school Ma*rs. Unfortunately, it was a one time deal for Halloween (man, my aesthetic isn't a costume ;_;) but it was so nice seeing the infamous perfume print out and about on the streets of Shinjuku. Her hair was gorgeoussss in that vlog as well. 

She is not the only vlogger that vlogs in that style that I did for my own vlog. A lot of Korean and Japanese YouTubers film and edit in this style. I assume it's so they can maintain privacy. One, because not everyone wants to be super famous. They just want to make memories through content creation. That or they wanted to maintain the privacies of their friends. Also, their line of work may prevent them from being out in the open about their hobbies. Showing themselves online or documenting things may get them in trouble, unfortunately. It's why voices disguised or faces are blurred. 

I tried this style mainly to maintain the privacy of Ichigo. While they are a content creator, I didn't want to obligate them to being such on a chill day. Honestly, I just wanted to enjoy my day as well without worrying about lighting or angles. I really wanted an ASMR-y type of vibe as well and for you guys to share the moment with me from a perspective that may be considered more first person than third person. 

I recommend trying out the vlogging style at least once. I might do more of that vlogging once I'm in Japan for work. I feel like it's way more discreet and I would be worried being too open on the internet about doing gyaru. I love gyaru but because of the connotations that come from outsiders, I'm. afraid it would bar me from job opportunities sadly. It sucks because I want to work to maintain not only my stability and independence but I also want to maintain my lifestyle as a gal. 

I'm hoping that as long as I do a really good job and stay motivated that my own personal time can be my own... There's a time and place to do these sorts of things once you become an adult. I don't drink or party..or mess around with people or whatever else so if me dressing like a weirdo is the worst thing I can do...I think I might be okay. LOL...

Other than spring break, I've actually been pretty busy speaking of work. I had a midterm immediately after my spring break as well as like..six assignments due all on the first week back on the same day. I was so frazzled and exhausted that I was turning in things in the wrong places even! After that Friday, I managed to film and edit a magazine video. I had been planning this project for awhile and encourage other gals to also do the same. I chose my favorite magazine out of my collection of gyaru magazines which is, Popteen's 2005 issue with Namie Amuro on the cover. I got this magazine two years ago and really is a gorgeous one. 

I mainly got it because of Namie Amuro but the contents inside are very strong. There's Tsubasa pre-plastic surgery...there's old aesthetics...there's a Nana movie spread that I have yet you show you all. In all, it's such a fun magazine. I uploaded the first part of the magazine here: 

I was really shocked by the response it got. I mainly did these sorts of videos because I don't need to doll up for them in order to make content. The issue with me sometimes is that I'm very tired based on school. That or like...after I get all set up with ring lights and stuff..I dread doing make up because I know I'll just sweat and die. LOL. I wish I was going out more so that way I would already be dressed up and just film. I feel like because my gyaru stuff is so limited to YouTube and Instagram due to the pandemic, I'm not getting as motivated. I want to save my nice things for going out. Not for a video if that makes any sense at all.. 

So doing magazines was simple enough. I wanted it to feel like you were flipping through a magazine with a friend. Plus, I feel like there are so many "baby gals" that have joined the gyaru community and a lot of them (no offense) really do miss the mark when it comes to paying attention to eras of fashion or over all styling/hair/makeup. Of course you have to start somewhere but we all know my opinion on this. 

If you're not a participant of this style or very new to it, it's not really right for you to be educating people on gyaru or having an opinion of it. I feel like all of that comes with time and experience...lots of research, trial and error on yourself, and really figuring out what you like as a gyaru. 

A lot of the reactions I got towards the December issue of Popteen was, "I didn't know Popteen looked like this"...and I will admit, I was slightly disappointed but then kind of not shocked? This era of Popteen is probably when there was a true gyaru boom. Celebs mimicked this shit. Tsubasa was about to pop off and brand herself. Truly, this is the era everyone should have paid attention to because as shocking as old school Egg was with manba/yamaba/'s actually kind of short lived to be so memorable. It's only memorable because it's outrageous not because it was long lasting versus this style of gyaru that is way more attainable and due to that, is overlooked. 

But honestly, because it was attainable and wearable, a lot of people started wearing gyaru in this way. This was the Popteen I grew up on and didn't think much of (because I was getting into Kera magazine comparatively and really loved intricate gaudy lolita and v-kei was my vibe back in my teens) it but if you look really closely, the outfits in this Popteen are really well thought out and a product of it's time. The coordination is really simple and I think "baby gals" would really benefit off of this era because it's a lot of t-skirts, denim skirts, interesting shoes, hats, and layering. It's actually not as complicated as the more "extra" styles are and you'll immediately look gyaru if you do the hair and make-up right. 

I feel like a lot of people associate Popteen with their himekaji/Liz Lisa/Popteen-kei showcases from the 2009-2012 which is great...I love that era too but that's honestly when things began to shift and gal became less of Popeen's priority. I explained in a comment that Popteen was never mean to be a gyaru magazine. It was just a trendy magazine for teens and gyaru just happened to be a very long-term trend especially with a large Avex boom (dude so many Avex artists are on the covers from the 2000s no lie...Ayu, Koda Kumi, Namie, BoA, Dream (I think?), among others)... I think a lot of girls wanted to look like celebs at one point and that whole ideal has kind of died over time. There currently isn't an "it" girl for anyone to look up to like there was before. Even when it wasn't Avex artists, it shifted to models like Rola, Jun Kumori, Okarie, Kumicky, and of course the reigning queen of Shibuya; Tsubasa Masuwaka. 

The thing is...models kind of shift with the trends over time. They're not their own brand like music artists are I feel like. For example, Namie despite her age will always be known for some style of mini skirt and thigh-high boot. Ayu will always be known as the Madonna of Japan to me. She's extra AF to the point where it gets her criticized. 

Kumicky and Tsubasa have gone the Omottesando auntie route nowadays with their look because they're not "young and cute" as my Japanese professor says (haha) to really do anything more than what they're doing, Their wives and mothers now and have settled down mostly...partaking in high-end trends since they've reaped the rewards from their previous domination over fashion. However, nobody really passed off the crown to the younger generation and I think that's a huge problem in the market. 

Popteen really started relying on Liz Lisa and Liz Lisa relied on Popteen. Once Popteen shifted to an "otona" route for the magazine, the brands also had to shift and change because most of their customers were readers of Popteen. Popteen being a dominating magazine that was affects 109 I feel, made other magazines also shift their marketing because suddenly, 109 brands were toning down to cater towards Popteen's readership. This is why Egg and Ranzuki toned down..they were working with whatever 109 was giving them. The thing is too, notice how Ageha was toning down a little bit but at that shift brands like Ma*rs, Rady, Emiria Wiz, DaTuRa, Golds Infinity,  Glad News, and Ghost of Harlem were all standing pretty strong...

I'm assuming it's because they weren't relying on 109 as their main source for fashion sales. Of course some of those brands were in 109, but not all of them. I found that a lot of the extra-looking shit for a little bit was in Shinjuku rather than in Shibuya for a little bit. As people got older, the less they wanted to troll around the younger part of town maybe? The gyaru possibly had grown up and out of Shibuya and looked for (and worked in) nightlife activities else where and shopped elsewhere. 

Eventually Ageha was affects but I did notice how for a minute, it took them a minute to tone down into the whole My Melody + Kuromi cosplay Larme aesthetic that has been dominating brands like Ma*rs, Ank Rogue, and Liz Lisa that were all previously gyaru staples. 

I hate to say I want to blame Popteen for why gyaru got fucked over but truly...think about it. What the heck stayed alive when all the other magazines died out? What fashion do you see both in 109 and featured in Popteen? I think it's all connected. It's sad too, I used to be VERY enthusiastic about Popteen. Even more than Koakuma Ageha at one point. I have a love/hate relationship with the magazine. 

Making my video was fun because I got to fondly look back on stuff that I kind of grew up seeing on YouTube or just...Japanese media. 

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the video though. I hope it can give you some inspiration or show others that maybe they are overthinking gyaru as a style too much. I'll hopefully have Part II out very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Anyway, I'm sure this blog is getting too long so I will call it a morning. It is 6 am over here after all and I've been up working on a portfolio assignment for a class making a mock cover letter and resume but thought since I was in a writing mood, that I would finally update my blog!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

February BlogPost: Finally a New Look and Life Updates~! + Using New Bottom Lashes

 Hello Hello! I'm back with a monthly blog post. For awhile I was making efforts to do a blog post a month so I would always have a lot to talk about but ever since the pandemic hit, there's been less to talk about sadly. 

ANYWAY... February has been a little hectic because my newest semester started at the end of January and it's been non-stop work since then. The work isn't even a lot per se, I'm just so burnt out from last semester that I'm kinda having a difficult time staying motivated. I haven't gone out or done anything fun outside of my neighborhood since last year so it's been really hard for me to keep focus considering going out with friends was a huge motivator for me to get through my weeks sometimes... A lot of times it feels like all work and no play. 

Which has lead to that mood bleeding into my motivation for gyaru... I feel like because I've been so limited to only doing gyaru for content creation versus going out into the world in it like I usually do-I feel like a fake gyaru or feels disengenuine..? Because I do tutorials or videos for YouTube or whatever else at ass o'clock and it comes right off after hours of making content. 

It feels more like work than a lifestyle lately which kinda sucks. I wear cute PJs or whatever else indoors for Zoom or whatever (god I hate Zoom) it takes me so long to get ready and I get so busy for classes that it's not something I want to do if I'm going to just stay indoors focusing on work. 

I miss going out in my clothes and makeup..loitering at boba shops playing Jenga, gossiping at Paris Baguette or 85C Bakery, tromping around the mall for Sephora, and singing Namie Amuro songs at karaoke until 3 am... 

I miss that shit so bad... I also miss my friends like crazy. I really do miss socializing and I loathe videocalls now a day because I'm always on my computer due to class. I wanna not be hunched over the computer even tho I am right now writing this. 

Okay, now that you've heard me bitch and moan...WE ARE MOVING ON..lmao 

On Valentines Day I decided to force some motivation out of myself by doing a V-Day look for a couple of pictures and videos. I think I started at 3 in the afternoon and didn't finish filming things or taking pics until 3 in the fucking morning... That's a 12-hour shift!

At first, I was going to do a blue and black look with a huge ass bow I bought but that kind of didn't work out so I decided to rock some MeJane instead. I thought the big bow would work with MeJane but my hair doing so well on my own that such a big bow kinda flattened it, so I opted for the mini hat instead. 

Honestly, I feel like the look needed one of those thick cloth headbands you tie around and that are silk. GlamJane kinda hits different versus Ma*rs but I adore it. It's a different vibe from Ma*rs and Golds and it was refreshing to do. 

My nails absolutely didn't match because I had intended on doing a cute Popteen-esque blue look inspired by Cecil but felt meh so maybe next time or some time in the future. My nails were kept really simple because I was hella dead and was doing them half in the fucking dark... Because I'm crazy and threw colored lightbulbs in that lack wattage...OTL all for aesthetic. -is truly a dumb bitch- lmao

I really liked my eye makeup! I blended pink, brown, and black together and used a sparkling gold as an inner highlight. I think the makeup tutorial will turn out for this so give me time to finish my school projects (and maybe even my upcoming midterms. yikes) and I'll have that edited. Makeup tutorials are pretty time-consuming to edit. 

I used off-brand top lashes that are as close to DiaLash's Angel Eye as I am going to get. Though the bottom lashes are DiaLash's Charming Eye which was interesting.  I had never tried those before. I have tried Natural Eye, Model Eye, and Princess Eye before in regards to DiaLash's bottom lashes but I had basically never experimented with the blue boxes when it comes to bottoms. 

They have a voluminous half-band and two small individual pieces. They take a second to throw on and you have to be extremely patient but they're very pretty! I don't recommend these if you're in a rush, but if you have time to really spend time on your eye make, I do recommend them. 

The seller I bought from was awesome and sent me three packs instead of one. Thanks to whoever you are for truly hooking a bitch up because I had only bought one pack. 

NOW...if only I could find proper tops because while the top lashes I'm using are pretty-the band is fucking clunky and likes to not stay because if bends in squares and isn't a smooth bend. I don't know if that makes any sense but if you've tried the tops I've tried then you know exactly what I mean if you compare them to Japanese lashes. 

In other news, thanks to Georgie ( -her decome boom and also my local PuriKura shop biting the dust (ugh) made me realize I could do self-done PuriKura. There still ain't nothing like doing that shit in a proper booth but this method is a good alternative. I did a tutorial on how to glam up your photos as shown here.  Here's a pic I threw together and the tutorial video down below!

I also did one of my friend Ichigo, who decided to delve into the realm of J-Fashion. They did a gyaru look that kinda made me die a little inside. I'm a lone gyaru locally and I get really excited when my local friends try it out and do a damn good job and have the potential to be legit AF...because bitch, it's lonely out in these parts. ahaha.

I think Ichigo did a fabulous job so I edited the shit out of their pictures. At first, they weren't gonna post them but after enough bribing and being ganged up on they did.

Speaking of Ichigo, I've been a bit of a personal shopper/stylist for people lately. I did a group order with them that is rather on the dark side. After a decade of buying SPR and Naoto-for significant others or ex-romantic involvements-I *finally* bought some for myself. LMAO. I'm so excited to eventually get my shit. 

I'm happy my friend is fucking thriving too. Like wtf... They're living their best life right now... They've never owned brand before, so seeing them marvel at the details of things and appreciate it highly because they're looking at it for the first time really touches me. I've been doing this for years and while I appreciate the details of the clothing, for me this is my everyday now. I'm used to the small things so it's not as exciting for me as it it for my friend and it makes me think back on the time when I had purchased my first pieces of J-Fashion brand and gyaru brand. Man...that was so long ago. If you told Baby Darla that I'd have to crazy ass closet I have now-she wouldn't believe you. I thought I'd be limited to sobbing over those clothes in fucking magazines. Having them in my hands feels surreal but for sure, the first time I held Liz Lisa or Ma*rs or whatever else...that was an experience I'll never forget, and witnessing my friend get to have that feeling that long left it makes me happy. 

I hope they enjoy. They look amazing and they're fucking killing it. <3 It makes me think of my baby years where everything was shiny and new and a huge deal. 

I've also been in contact with Lizzie lately ( and I've been helping her find pieces for her wardrobe since she's super into old school himekaji and Popteen-kei shits. I used to really adore shit like that but I was lonely as hell. This was back when everyone was hardcore/old school or bust years ago...</3 so now, that I have someone to gush over an era that I kinda put away for a rainy day-it's really exciting to me again to fawn over Popteen models. Before for awhile? It was all about the Egg gals. I love both styles and without a doubt, I'm for sure busting out my new Alba gets when it gets hot enough. 

However, looking for Lizzie and Ichigo rubbed the fuck off on me because they adore Liz Lisa. SO...I ended up buying some Liz Lisa. I kept finding boho pieces from 2010/2011 and honestly? That is my favorite era of LL. That was when the brand was certainly thriving and when Popteen models were exclusively wearing the shit out of that stuff.

I feel the boho Liz Lisa or gyaru era is still that California gal vibe but..instead of the beach-you're going to music festivals or traveling to landmarks..going to open markets in the summertime. It's a different realm of "fun in the sun". It's still sexy and cute. It's got a mature element about it despite being cute. I don't know how to explain it but it's still very gal. 

I knew about Liz Lisa beforehand but I wasn't following collections closely until *I* was actively doing gyaru so 2010/2011 is extremely sentimental to me because these are the clothes I closely followed and would fawn over. I can't tell what LL was 2006-2008 based on the silhouette and prints, fabric, and fluff...but 2010-2011 is most recognizable for me because I remember the era and lived through it even though I was way too limited as a recent college drop out to be able to indulge and participate myself. 

So...I saw someone who was just hocking their entire closet. Most of my haul had tags on it so I'm assuming this was all from some former gal or collector's closet and they were doing away with it all a decade later. 

There's one Ank piece in this haul and a SuLov piece but the rest is Liz Lisa as shown in the video. 

I had friends shit themselves over my haul. The collection is pretty solid. There are a couple of dresses in interesting colors and in colors that a couple of gals couldn't recall seeing before (wtf, that blue dress that I usually see in white...IS THERE A PINK ONE THAT EXISTS THEN? :o). But I think what truly made everyone shit bricks was that haul of 11 items was under 80 bucks with shipping included. 

I'm not even not gonna brag. I am the queen of deals. Full price? Who is she? LOL We don't do that shit in this house. 

I'm really excited to wear these items out. What most people don't know is that LL typically is my default for school. LL usually means neutrals and that's way easier to blend that color and usually I do the thing where there's a focus on blush...

Speaking of school.... Offtopic but something that is important! I filed the application for my graduation today. I'll be graduating from Sacramento State University (fun fact: I graduated from the capital of California) in Fall 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts with a TESOL certificate on the side. My academic career will finally be at a close unless I can somehow afford my Masters (which I would love to do). I'm very excited but also very nervous.

The state of the world and the economy in my country worries me... I don't know how likely I would find job offers and in a place that makes me feel secure and happy as an English major here. I think my plan for a little while is to run away to Japan for a little while if the world ever stops being on fire. 

I've always wanted to be a teacher but given that I can't drive and my family's location isn't ideal-it would really be difficult for me to fulfill my credential requirements. SO..instead, I opted for a TESOL certificate to teach overseas because I can teach with a BA. I've always wanted to go to Japan, so what's better than getting paid to go? Yes, I'm there for work and I'll have to tone down during the weekdays but I'm hoping I can explore and enjoy myself to the fullest on the weekends in my full on get up. I don't drink, party, or mess around at all-I enjoy concerts/music, good food, and making I'm hoping that if dressing like a weirdo is the *worst thing* I can do-then I'll be fine. 

I also would like to *try* to vlog about my adventures or just overall experience if I can once I'm over there. I see a lot of J-Vloggers do general content but I haven't ran into someone vlogging that into my niche fully and I've always been big on making content that I wish I had. However, teaching would be my main gig and I definitely wouldn't want my side hustle interfering with my main thing if you know what I I guess will see.

Otherwise, I would really like to return to the Bay Area and work creatively in San Francisco. I think at this point, it's just a matter of being able to afford to live there. California rent is disgusting but the Bay Area (especially SF) is just a whole different level of atrocious. I adore cities and accessibility. I also can't drive (keyword on how I'm not saying won't. I literally *can't* and it's an insanely long story to explain as to why) so I need to be in an area where I don't need to drive to thrive. 

SF is actually more expensive than Japan I think..maybe.....I THINK. We'll see. Point is, I decided on Japan because I've always wanted to go. I have some knowledge of the language from taking four years in high school (and I really would love to scaffold off of what I already know). They're willing to pay me to teach with. BA. I miss city life like a motherfucker. And more importantly, I need to live somewhere where I don't need to drive to thrive. 

So...I'm partially running away from my problems in the States post-graduation but I hope it's either an answer or bides me time because a bitch has student loans to pay off (tho I can't complain. COVID reduced the amount by a fuck ton since I mainly only had to take out a loan for living expenses and I've gotten to work from my family's place since the pandemic hit). 

I am bummed out I didn't get a proper campus experience and that the majority of my academic career post-high school was majorly online. I didn't really get to socialize or really establish myself in Sacramento or gain mentorship like I had intended to and it's mainly why I decided last minute last year at the start of the pandemic to take on TESOL work. I knew I needed a backup because I wasn't gaining what I was hoping to...

This got really serious but I hope that gives insight as to why I am busy/inactive and even as to what my future plans are. I am an academic gyaru and maybe a career woman who just so happens to be gyaru in the future. <3 I want to be a role model in a certain sense because I know not everyone follows through with this path or even at times, doesn't have a good sense of balance when it comes to separating their work life from their hobby. I'm determined to prove you can thrive doing both...maybe. Like I said, we'll see. I don't know what the future holds.

Anyway, this blog is getting long so imma just end this here. Thanks for reading guys! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

New Years with Golds + Venting on the Climate of Gyaru Fashion/Alt-Hobbies Becoming "Mainstream"

 I always feel weird about blogging because I feel like by the time I cover anything I do, it's old news and ya'll have already seen stuff from me but I guess it's good to have a document of it here. ahaha. I feel like Instagram is my blog more than this one is at times. I've been trying to crank out videos lately and I have two that I edited from my New Year's coordinate. 

I did my first hair tutorial on my channel and also did a makeup tutorial as shown below: 

I loved how the hair one turned out but omfg the make up one I wrestled with. My camera likes to fuck with its focus some sometimes I'm blurry at key parts. I had to color correct and crop a little bit because I'd be too off to one side and I needed my eye to be more centered and focused upon. Then my music would always be out of sync just BARELY....which meant me having to rig songs to where they'd be extended a bit and even finding fitting copyrightless music was difficult for this one. Forreal. I spent two weeks off and on editing and procrastinating because this video was such a pain in the ass for me. 

I was determined however, to put out an agejo look. I'm always getting requests for both rokku and agejo looks. And I finally back in October, released a satisfactory rokku make up look because people ask me about red under-eye make up and how I do it all the time. So...I was lacking an agejo look and dude, I pride myself on how I do agejo things so I really wanted this to work out. So I forced it. My agejo looks are always fine in real life but somehow my recordings always turn out garbage. 

With that being said, for New Years, I decided to do a Golds agejo look. I really loved it. It was supposed to be a style re-creation of the Egg Para Para video that is seen here. 

It was actually a dream outfit that I had wanted to do for a pretty long time. I had paired some old Yumetenbo thigh boots with this look as well as a fluffy skirt and a mini-hat because they wear mini-hats in the video with huge hair. I noticed that 2009-2010 was all about the mini-hat trend and I remember that even before I was gyaru and more into Harajuku wear, I owned a few mini-hats because I thought using that as an accessory was super cute. 

I also deco'd my nails. I'm so proud of them. They were a little bit short but they worked out. At first, I didn't want to go crazy because if there's too much going on it's difficult to throw my circle lenses in but then I just...kind of said fuck it and went ham. I really miss doing nailsets like these. I do them on my real nails with polish (not gel) and all of the stone placement and decal placement are done by me. Some of my decals are stickers while other elements that I do are hand-painted. This set was just stone placement so it took time but it's not as time-consuming as some of the other sets I've done in the past. Sometimes I paint my nails so thick that if I want to use nail foil, I have to wait until the next day or it will lift my polish or not transfer at all. 

My hair was blue at the time and was kind of a shocking color for agejo but I feel like because it was a cool-toned outfit, the hair was easier to pull off. I will say though, doing specific hair colors really limits what you can do in your wardrobe. For instance, it's hard for me to do pink agejo right now or anything himekaji. However, right now since my hair is blue, colorful items, rokku, or blue agejo items work decently. 

I might do one more round of blue before going back to pink hair. Technically I had done blue hair to tone up my blonde. The thing with blue/purple is that it can cancel out yellow. My bleach job was pretty light before but the blue turned some parts a very pretty silver but there's some fucken green in this shit, WHICH IS WHY...I've held back doing a look. I need this shit to fade a little maybe. Purple shampoo to the rescue next shower maybe? 

I actually go through the effort to cut, bleach, and dye my own hair. I've had to do a lot of research on how to do all of this over the years and doing it myself has saved me A LOT of money. It's still a pretty expensive process but much cheaper than the salon. I do an off-scalp application because that way bleach isn't having to process on my scalp and once it grows out, I can cut off the blonde. I know in a year i won't be able to have colored hair and will have to go back to my natural color (which thankfully, is pretty light and works for gyaru) but lately I've been squeezing in having fun with colors before I won't be allowed to anymore. 

A lot of people have been in woe about not getting to go to salons lately and I'm really happy that I already knew how to do my hair and nails. :') I don't always get what I want or do things right (I've had some mishaps) but occasionally things will turn out the way I want and I'll be quite happy with my work. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I do a good job or when other people ask me where I go to get my nails or hair done. I've never gone to cosmetology school so that means a lot to me. 

I feel like I have all of these plans for looks I want to do but it's just a matter of my skin and hair cooperating.... and just having time. I start my new semester next week and that's always crazy. I cranked out two looks in a month so that's actually not bad. I gave myself a two week break and two productive weeks full of filming and editing looks. My lady-thing is coming soon so my skin is acting up and like I mentioned, my hair color is in a weird stage so I'm holding out a little. I have this one 2008/2009 look I want to do with an old F21 bubble dress and a big beaded necklace. It's literally an outfit from my high school days that I never got rid of and I think it would work pretty well for gyaru. I just need my hair to be BLONDER for a minute before I go blue again.

When my hair is blue again (round two!) I wanna try a rokku/bangya look...which is always super ambitious because I have to fuck with black eyeshadow and that requires blending to hell and back and praying there isn't fall out. LOL. The trick is to wet the brush a bit but then it makes it harder to blend. I honestly feel like it depends on what you're trying to do. If you're trying to get a pigmented full-on black eye the wet method works but if you're trying to use it in your crease and blend it's just gonna be a mess. 

I always think it's so funny that people like my rokku looks the best. It makes sense but doesn't. I barely do rokku because's a ton of a work because the make up is suuuuper heavy. However, I understand why people like it because honestly I was the girl back in the day that wore a lot of gothic lolita and visual kei shit back in high school. Liked gyaru but there was a big of a rock boom back in the day even musically. If you listen to Ayumi Hamasaki even, it was less poppy and more rock sounding. I really loved bands like the Gazette, Lolita23Q, D'espairsRay, exist+trace, Dazzlevision, girugamesh, An Cafe..etc. etc. I was that girl. LOL But a lot of people even in my local area was very much so into the whole rock movement. There even used to be some "gyaru" girls who wore a ton of rock-themed brands without wearing full on 109...or did they? I wasn't as versed as I am now to look at an outfit and know exactly what was what back then! 

So does make sense that people like me in that style considering it's my roots even before gyaru. I still go to rock concerts even! I recently even purchased some fake bandboi shit. LOL. I bought more replica Vivienne because my goal is to have most of the pieces that appear in Nana (I'm for the super rare pieces). I bought the diamante pearl choker, two orb rings in both gold and silver (because both looked really nice) and a really colorful star orb necklace that would go with some of my really colorful Shien pieces and my Uniqlo x Gokinjo Monogatari shirt I got back in May. I also purchased a VW Berret hat which I might try to do a Yazawa-inspired look with or something..maybe..or maybe just a modern bangya look. We'll see. I actually have more jewelry coming. A store had free shipping over 15 bucks so I got some crystal chandelier VW pieces as well as a pink choker and a gold orb necklace because I'm lacking gold jewelry for certain things. 

I also found some fake Chrome Hearts which literally all of the host boys and bandbois wear... I think it would look really cute for rokku looks and gyaru looks. I bought two necklaces in both silver and gold because they looked nice and I feel like gold will even go well with the few d.i.a items I have. I also have a Chrome Hearts hoodie coming but it's not here yet. I super regret not getting this one top I found that was rainbow. Ugh. I got the hoodie in just a monochrome black and white (that's the classic Chrome Hearts look you know?) but I should have got the CH long-sleeved top in white and rainbow. It would have been cute. ahh...we can't have everything now, can we? I want to get the bracelets or the belts but they're a bit harder to are the rings but occasionally I'll find some really badass brandless rings that look like something Justin Davis or FirstLabel would sell... 

Regardless of my "rock" investments, I still adore agejo a ton and that's always going to be my first love I think. I also really love himekaji but for a while, I wasn't hoarding pieces because there was so much stuff in abundance but now I am a little worried about the climate of the second-hand market and even thinking about it makes me angry... Actually, fuck it, I have several bones to pick. I've voiced them on my Instagram but I guess I should expand upon it on here and vocally in public. Some of you already know of my feelings...

Feel free to skip if you know or you just don't want to hear my bitching...lmao

Finding stuff currently has been a pain in the ass. If you're looking for specific shit or whatever at least (especially if you're into my substyle that was more short-lived). :/ I feel like a lot of kids are figuring out how to do stuff and have been buying out pieces for cheap to resell for triple what they paid for. Ya'll...that ain't cool. Don't invest in 109 brands unless you're actually going to do gyaru and are in it for the long run. You're hurting others who have been in this lifestyle for a while and it's selfish and disrespectful of you to profit from an underground fashion... These are usually also the same people who scream to others that you don't need brand to be gyaru and that it's classist and sizeist but hop onto the brand train once they figure out how to do things. So...which is it anymore? Is it only okay for when it benefits you? I wouldn't have an issue if it were people who actively participated, educated themselves, and didn't spread this narrative of one thing after doing another...

There I said it. It's truly an annoyance of mine that I vent about as I see my fellow long term gals struggle or panic buy or when I have to panic buy to maintain my long-term styles. It sucks. Especially if you're into a rarer substyle or a substyle is becoming more mainstream towards people who won't even be in this fashion for a good year but hoard all of it just to resell it for ass-backwards prices.

I really hate that I have to be wary of what I share and to whom now. I hate that I distance myself on who I interact with not knowing if they're in this fashion for the correct reasons or if they're just a nosy person but yeah...unfortunately that's the climate we are in nowadays and it really disappoints me. 

I want to convey that you can definitely do gyaru without brand since it's very hair and make up based but I feel like if you truly want to solidify your substyle certain brands are necessary. I've said it a lot and I think a couple other fellow gals who used to preach this narrative have realized that it's way more challenging to do without a couple of staple brand pieces. There are certainly some clever people who have made their own items and have made it work but they've placed in the TIME and EFFORT to learn how to do shit. They've looked into how certain brands used to look even and I think that speaks volumes. They've had to research and pay attention to small details of certain brands or aesthetics and learn a whole ass skillset. That's when you know someone really does love gyaru. 

I'm very lucky that I have the collection I have but sometimes there are other dream items like this camisole that I had scoured the internet for a couple of times and it took a second to get. I think because I mainly do a pretty short-lived style, it's a bit harder. Agejo wasn't around for a very long time and it doesn't exist now. AneAgejo isn't a thing anymore. Those were the days of 3D floral print with brands like DaTuRa, Rady, EmiriaWiz, and Golds Infinity's re-image running that scene as well as Ma*rs with floral and jewel prints. 

That doesn't exist anymore. So it does get a little scary thinking about how hard it's about to be to wear and do the things I like while keeping it fresh. 

I really dislike this whole TikTok clout culture or these kids who will be here for two seconds, leave once they don't get the attention they want, and dip while profiting or profit from said short-lived "fame" or whatever else the heck this is supposed to be. 

A friend was also talking about this to me in this anime/cosplay scene. They're a really good make-up artist and they like fashion but don't do gyaru (but is aware it and the things that go on in the community). We were talking about how it's so strange that being into alt-fashion or geek stuff is suddenly socially acceptable. That it will be weird for my friends to go to conventions and see all these new TikTok kids there. 

We were bullied for this shit back in the day. When I was cosplaying in public for photoshoots a lot of people were awful to me. People were gross about me listening to SES, BoA, and DBSK back when I listened to K-Pop and J-Pop...they'd take my CDs to break them and shit or make fun of Ayu's voice for insult band members who didn't look masculine enough. It's surreal seeing foreign acts on mainstream television. I would have never dreamed in a million years this would happen and that even the stuff I love would be so easily accessible... 

I was given so much shit back in the day for wearing wigs, contact lenses, and eyelashes back when I first started gyaru even by my own family and now so many people are doing things like this to be edgy that suddenly it's socially acceptable. 

I'm happy but angry at the same time. I'm happy because it means this may be more socially acceptable. It's cool that others think what you do is cool even from an outside perspective or out of genuine interest. However, I'm also irritated because it feels so hypocritical for this to be "cool" when it was knocked on so hard before and it's hard to see people profit from things they'd snub their noses at years a lot and literally traumatize and bully people over. It makes me anxious once lockdown is over, how these new people will act towards seasoned people in these communities. 

I've seen what has happened to gyaru and how some very seasoned and looked up to people got ran out of a lot of public forums based on opinions and issues that do not belong in this fashion. A lot of people use this fashion as means of escape from the darker climates of the world as a way to relax and enjoy something they looked up to for a long time. 

There are kids who can't take constructive criticism nor do they want to educate themselves about the fashion. There's a weird sense of entitlement that comes to "we want to wear fashion and invade your platforms but we couldn't give a shit about what it's truly about and we want to be spoonfed this information in order to hopefully make it on the 'gram'  because this is "quirky" enough to stand out"  . They instead want to profit off of these underground subcultures and "educate" outsiders with their misinformation on the fashion rather than respect it for what it is. I have a huge fucking issue with this because it is taking from the people who actually participate. It's also running out long-time people and is making them have to hide or be forced to speak on issues they are not comfortable with based on bullying on their own SMS or posts even... Not because they're not legitimate issues but because they don't want their platform to be based upon those issues when all they want to do is relax in their fashion. Can you blame anyone?

2020 has been a really stressful time for everyone so why add more stress into a hobby you love? While some have the strength to talk about important things, others use their platform as a "rest stop" per se. Other people enjoy focusing on making content that focuses on the arts or fashion or just...not loaded topics and I think that needs to addressed. Not everyone should be bullied into being required to participate in battles they have no strength to engage in. If your endurance bucket is larger than someone else's that is fine but do not project onto other people. It's up to the other party on whether or not they want to engage in that battle. It's also pretty accusatory to just assume that someone does not care or is against you because they don't want to engage. 

Everyone has their own way of helping others through these really difficult times and every single way is valuable. For others, it might be advocating for different causes while some people might just want to help others relax. Both are useful and both are acceptable. But you can't bully or force others to fight the same battle as you or participate in that discourse. Some people just don't like confrontation or maybe deal with negative situations in their real life and this fashion or anyone else's hobby for that matter, might be their way of relaxing. They don't want to doom scroll on a fashion forum when Twitter, Facebook, the television is already plagued with this. Some people just want to chill out for a minute and may actually deal with this shit a lot in the real-life or have to fight with people closer to home. I know I certainly do all the time and would rather not deal with this in the one place I'm seeking solace in. I direly wish that was respected rather than making others out to be targets. 

I hate that this attitude has invaded gyaru and made it an especially stressful climate and gone as far as running out others for how they choose to live their personal lives. Nobody should have the ability to dictate that or project onto that. And that's where these kids come in sometimes and really frustrates me. 

Another issue I do have with the current climate is the idea that anything goes... E-girl can not be combined with gyaru. Y2K can be if it's COORDINATED like an actually effing Y2K outfit-ma*rs and other brands definitely took influences from some high-end western shit as did Alba and others but figure out what those things are (do your research-the kid's interpretation of this era isn't accurate) and people shouldn't even place bimbo in the same category as gyaru because it makes this fashion a fetish for weirdoes more than it already is. If you want to be those things-FINE, but for the love of god pursue that and stop trying to incorporate it into this fashion where it has so no place.

If you do not believe in the whole "get wild, be sexy" slogan, maybe this fashion isn't for you. This isn't a modest fashion. You don't want to cover up. This isn't a fashion where makeup isn't required. If something is "too short" or "too much"-then maybe you should look into becoming a lolita. Gyaru is all about embracing the sexier side of femininity and rocking it. There are Ero-Kawaii and sexy cute elements even in himekaji. 

This fashion isn't a costume and shouldn't be treated as such.

A lot of people really misinterpret this substyle and others. Liz Lisa still has short skirts and there's a really mature element to OLD Liz Lisa that makes it gyaru. New Liz Lisa is harder to make gyaru or isn't even gyaru. I see people claim they like this style or are gyaru but then knock on old coordinates or looks from Japanese gals. Guys. THAT IS GYARU. This new shit that's LL or whatever isn't anymore. 

Gyaru is not modest. It never has been. Even the cuter stuff has an element of sexiness and if you're not okay with that-then this fashion ISN'T FOR YOU. I will stress this over and over again until I am blue in the face. 

ALSO-Don't knock the old stuff constantly but then say you love gyaru because that's the legit shit you're snubbing on. I see some people knock on models or shop staff that created a huge impact to the style or community and it's a bit disrespectful. You can not like an outfit or like a model over another but maybe...get to know who you're knocking on first?

 Gyaru was never about the whole looking baby looking or cutesy in a very child-like way... Princessy? zes but there are brands who shifted to support a different audience and it wasn't towards the gyaru and I understand the confusion but educate yourself on your confusion.

If you think gyaru is problematic? Then maybe this style isn't for you. Don't project your viewpoints onto other people and ignore us? Nobody is forcing you to like us or look at our content. Stop projecting your issues on something towards other people who do like this. That isn't your job nor your place to. Other's don't find this problematic and that's up for them to decide not you to shame upon others for their choices. 

This is what I mean by educating yourself and people bothering to. If you really like this fashion, you'll honestly look into it and more into it than what just someone else on the internet says (and that includes not listening to everything my ass says because sometimes my opinions do not align with others lmao). Otherwise, this isn't for you and you should pick a different thing to obsess over rather than something you "don't like". Move along, please...

I know a lot of people are pushing the narrative that "gyaru needs to change for the 21st century"...if that's the case look at the new Egg, the new HappieNuts, AneAgeha, and the upcoming Koakuma Ageha. That is what gyaru is going towards... Once again-respect it even if it's not what you want or like. If you *really* are adamant on this being a new era you need to accept that this is a Japanese fashion and this is what it's shifting towards. You can't just gut an already established fashion and make your own rules without respecting what came before it or make effort to be informed on what is going in Japan. For example, the new Egg magazine isn't my vibe and sometimes I even get frustrated with the direction it goes in-but I still purchase it and look through it in order to be informed on what is going on in the gyaru-sphere of things. I also follow multiple Instagrams both gaijin and Japanese to see what is trending overall. There isn't a "people who follow the old way" and "this is the new way". There is just gyaru. And a part of that is doing your own research and staying informed even if it's stuff you don't vibe with all the time because what matters is your love for the fashion and seeing where it's shifting and respecting it as it is even if you personally wouldn't do it. THAT is the new gyaru. People who like the old stuff like clothes with a little more detail or brands that were known for specific things that were exclusive to an era and brand. New stuff is definitely more about Western brand names and that Instagram look or just...a different vibe. It's not my thing but they, it's where this fashion is going so I'll keep an eye out just to see if there's anything I do like eventually. 

I had a friend joking be like I'm the grandma that tells kids to get off of their lawn but honestly, I have a baby brother who is around some of these kids age and he can't even stand his own generation of people and really romanticizes the old 90s/00s shit (musically and aesthetically) and feels like he missed out on a good time. So maybe I'm not the only old grouch...haha..

It certainly doesn't mean there weren't issues or problems but there also were a lot of fun things that came out and styles/eras that were pretty iconic and obviously memorable if people want to recreate or talk about them.  I just wish they were respected more...I wish everything was respected more. 

It does make me wonder on my friend's certain hobbies even outside of gyaru..once this pandemic has adjusted to a more open lifestyle-how it will be. Will people disappear once they have other things occupying their time or will this new generation try to define social climates for the better or worse? 

I've only witnessed a little bit of it in my own hobbies and does worry me a little bit but I guess I'm hoping people will either grow or learn or get bored and leave. Or it be a phase of boredom during quarantine and they'll be onto the next thing once they're allowed to socialize and go outside... lol..

Basically, have fun-get wild and be sexy in regards to gal-but respect it. Respect what came beforehand and respect the culture. Do some investigating truly without the help of others. Honestly, it's like hunting for treasure and it's INSANELY fun. Like trust me, I learn new things all the time and it's always incredibly exciting..

Otherwise, do some soul searching. Is this fashion really for you if you can't get down with the vibe of what this represents...?

Anyway, that's all for my vent. Hopefully, I'll have more interesting content in the future that is less....charged? I don't know. I've had feelings lately. I've had friends on their own platforms talk about lashpolaypses and be panicking in my DMs and me in a space where I'm mad for my friends and frustrated at the current climate of the thing I love. 

Until next time guys~