Shiny Violet Star

Monday, December 12, 2022


 I’ve never tried mobile blogging here before. But let’s see how it goes! Lately all I’ve been doing is working rather than gal activities. Sometimes I feel like it’s why I don’t update here! My life hasn’t been too interesting and I’ve just been hella tired. 

Just grinding before the holidays. Buying Christmas presents. I think I’m almost finished buying everything! Which is relief. Now I just have to worry about finishing up my coworkers gifts!  

Speaking of shopping, I bought some nice things while there was a sale at Victoria’s Secret. 

My current boom are the body mists! They all smell so freaking divine. I bought the entire Luxe line with the staple fragrances for the holidays. I also added Ruby Rose and Strawberries and Champagne. 

I can confidently say that Strawberries and Champagne is my favorite! I can’t get enough of that one. It just so girly and nice. I feel like it would pay super well with Agejo or Hime. Bare Vanilla would totally be a himekaji scent. Pure Seduction and Ruby Rose works for Tsuyome maybe. Love Spell and Velvet Petals might be universal. Hm… 

Speaking of clothes. I really miss dressing up. I’m just so busy working overtime and am just tired AF when I get free time. I really miss socializing and going out with friends. I haven’t done anything fun since August… Ugh… It’s just been constantly work and home…housework… blogging/translating for fun but I’m definitely feeling a bit burnt out. 

I’m looking forward to the holidays. I get a week break and am hoping I can squeeze some fun times and dressing up in maybe… 

I recently saw an old pic of my younger self and miss my old hair/old style kinda. Maybe I’ll try to channel more of that whenever I get the chance… 


  1. Oh now I'm so curious to go check VS for body mists *-* Same over here, just work & going out just once in a week :s

    1. Buy themmm. They're so good. I indulged because I never got to enjoy in high school so...I went overkill and purchased a ton to make up for lost time.