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Friday, June 7, 2013

Translated Gyaru Souzai Pixels

So a lot of people have been asking me where I've been obtaining my super cute gyaru/lolita/blog emotis from and I've honestly been on a souzai/pixel hunting FIX as of late because I love using them in my entries. If you're not familiar with tumblr, it is actually the best place to look for these pixels. On tumblr these things are labeled as pixels rather than emoticons, emotis, or even souzai in which I first saw the gyaru ones labeled as. However, I've found mine from various places! 

What are souzai? Souzai is basically our word for emotis-they're animated and unanimated, super cute, can be just words or be extremely expressive . They're usually used on blogs for something that it unexplainable in words. I honestly find that rather than just photowhoring things myself on my blog that using super cute expressive souzai of gyaru or even sparkly dividers for text makes a blog just look more visually appealing to an audience. 

Are there there rules to using souzai? Not exactly but the challenge with English speakers happens to be that there is a lot of Japanese text, and if you're not familiar with Japanese then using Japanese souzai probably isn't the best option for you. The best trick I can suggest to over come the language barrier or even if you're slightly Japanese savy and just want to keep yourself organized-keep your souzai labels translated when you save them onto your computer. That way for a paragraph that you right you can easily type in 'SO COOL' and for a gyaru souzai it might be a cute animated gif of a gyaru going 'kakkoiii-' or something! 

For your guys enjoyment and to introduce you peeps who want to start using souzai for your blog, I've decided to post some I've found with some translations! 


Omedeto (congrats)  

Sugoi desho? (awesome yes?!) 

Kyaa (as if embarassed)

 'ohayou gozaimasu' (good morning) 

 nemunai (I can't sleep/no sleep)

 Not sure to fully translate this one but I'm pretty sure I found this one as to be (I don't care anymore)

Senpai daisuki' (Senpai, I love you')

 Aitai (I miss you, I want to see you)

iraishaimase (welcome!)

 Itadakimasu (let's eat or something of that sort, said before meals)

Iitekimasu (I'm leaving, used before leaving the house usually)


Oyasumi (Good night)

chu chu, aishitteru (kiss, kiss, I love you)

 nanji? ima? (what time? now?...I think this is for picking a fight ne?)

doko, iku? (where to?)

 Nande!!! (why!!!!)

 yatta! (yay!)

 Otsukare (good work)

Dame? (Bad? as if asking if it's bad or not good)

 nau ofuro (in the bath)

 samu (as if saying one is cold)

dokidoki (as if you're heart's beating out of nervousness)

ehehe (laughing happily or nervously even)

konbanwa (good evening)

atsui (it's hot)

ohohoho (laughing arrogantly)

ne kamatte yo (pay attention to me)

kakkoiiiii (so coooollll!)

gomen ne (I'm sorry)

yamete yo!!! (stop it!!!!)

Hope these are a big help to glam up your blog! You can find a lot more on tumblr blogs dedicated fully towards pixel blog graphics! Until next time guys!


  1. How adorable! Now I want to make some of these for my own blog... ;)

    1. Souzai are wonderful!!! <3 I love them. They really make any blog look super cute and show expressions really well. They also help separate posts or paragraphs as well. :3 AHHHA I could so see your characters from your series being cute souzai! Or even you! A good place to find the ones I have are on tumblr but they're known as pixels instead of souzai of course!